Video/Audio converter for Linux

Winff (a powerful  video and audio batch converter using ffmpeg.)

winff main window
The main window is quite easy and understandable . The upper tool bar is to Add, Remove , Clear ,Play ,Preview & to Convert the video selected by user with the  Add button. On the Right side of main toolbar a button with value "Options" is to enable extra options  
for custom changes to any specified preset selected from the "output Details" tab exact Down to the list section.

Installation- sudo apt-get install winff

Start / Run / Execute-  from menu , or from terminal - winff and  press Enter key.

Presets- presets are the sets of command line arguments for "ffmpeg" ( A Hyper fast Audio and Video encoder ). you can select from variety of presets those come  built-in with the program according to your needs. 

Custom Presets- The program also supply a feature with which you can add you own presets according to your own need ( Like you want convert a video or audio for a device which is not listed in the list of Built-in Presets .Ex-  Want convert a video for your Device (say NOKIA 2700c etc) having low resolutions ,supporting low video bit-Rate audio sample rate frequency etc.) 

Method-1 (click to ENLARGE)
Add custom Preset - This program supply two ways to add custom presets-
                              1- From the Option Button on right side of the main  toolbar.  
                              2- From the Edit option in the main menu of window.

Method-2  (click to ENLARGE)

In method 2  -Specify preset name -Preset label -Preset Command line Parameters (you can leave it empty if you don't know what to write here )
command line parameter are sets of commands those have to be executed while converting the specified media , alternately you can do the same while going through the method 1. Ultimately you have to select the output file extension without Dot (.). you can also categorise you custom preset in the above listed categories. 
NOTE: if you are getting any kind of error while conversion you can add this line to the command line parameters of your custom preset
" -strict experimental " without quotations.

Now add your media select from presets ( if you had specified all command line arguments for your preset then no need to click on option button right on the main toolbar and if you didn't supplied any arguments like resolution ,bitrate frame rate etc in command line arguments of your preset then go with method 1-) Press option key and specify custom settings like video bitrate , frame rate etc. and press convert . a ffmpeg terminal window will open and will show the progress.

EXAMPLE- Converting a video for  Nokia 2700c-

1- Create a preset with output file extension mp4/ 3gp.
2- Add video file .
3- Select preset with mp4 file extension  from categories.
4- Click on Option Button from the main toolbar .
5- Go to video tab ,  fill those forms as follow -

                  Video Bitrate = 205                          ( this video bitrate is best for nokia 2700c , remember this entity     is responsible for the size of video ) 
                  Frame Rate = 15                        ( frame rate referred to the no. of video frame to be processed by your device)
                 Video Size = 320 x 240                               ( Screen Resolution or size of screen of the device)
                    Aspect Ratio = 1.3                       ( this is the aspect ratio of your nokia 2700c device  screen )

6- Go to Audio tab and fill forms as follow -

                     Audio Bitrate =128               (mp3 Quality Sound . you can change it to minimize the size of the audio for your video)
                         Sample rate = 48000         (sample rate is measured in hz here so here we used 48 kilohertz you can change it to some specific values like 41000 
, 44000 etc this is the frequency for you audio)
                         Audio Channels = 2     (no. of audio channels here we specified 2 means stereo sound , you can change it to 1 which mean you will get mono audio sound quality)

                          Volume = 256              ( volume =256 mean we want original audio volume as it was in the source file. if set  to 128 ,then we will 
get half the volume of audio of the source file. )

 7- this is enough now you can click on convert button to get the output .

         for more , our conversation will be continued on the comments section.  :)

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